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20 years old
Physical Appearance: 5'5", fairly short for a young man, much to his continued chagrin, especially when compared to his peers. Sora is rather lean and tan, with most of his prominent musculature having formed in his arms and legs from lifting and swinging his Keyblade and running long distances. He has retained some baby fat in his face and belly, which though not very well toned, is still fit. Sora's hair falls in soft, light brown spikes which darken to a medium brown during the winter months. His skin tone ranges from light tan to medium tan, again depending on the time of year. He has a large, dark scar over his Heart as the result of a particularly vicious Heartless attack, courtesy Maleficent. He has no piercings or other markings. He wears two rings, one given to him by Riku (a deep, ocean blue mythril ring with a crown engraved into it, a symbol of their love) and the other by Ri (Riku Replica - it is a handcrafted promise ring, as Ri seems to have found a hobby in metalsmithing). If either were to be removed, it would be easy to see that he rarely takes them off. Sora has beautiful, piercing ocean-blue eyes, long dark brown eyelashes, and a light smattering of freckles on his cheeks and nose. He looks to be, at first glance, childlike but knowing. His smile is honest and contagious. He has a bad back, and sometimes wears glasses.
Personality: Sora has finally made it past his tumultuous teen years, and thus differs slightly from the Sora of Kingdom Hearts II canon. Optimistic and outgoing, Sora enjoys making new friends and exploring. He is sometimes slow to appreciate humor and jokes, and can be rather simple-minded. When he feels confused in a threatening or unknown situation, he can be quick to anger and lash out. He does not have a great deal of respect for authority, with the exception of King Mickey. On the other hand, Sora can also be analytical with regard to people's motives, and does not trust as easily as his younger days. He does, however, believe people to be inherently good, and has an extraordinary sense of justice, duty and a strong moral compass. He has a very pure Light-based Heart, and Darkness can make him physically ill.
Sexuality and Preferences: Sora is gay. Gay, gay, gay, every day. In this journal and in KHDR, Sora is happily spoken for. He and Ri have been a pair for over five years. Originally, he was more involved with Riku ( lj user="boy_of_twilight"> ), and still is to an undecided extent, as their interaction has been limited since 2008. Sora is primarily a bottom, but he is also a great top. As a bottom, he is feisty and loud but submissive. As a top, he is possessive and rough, though very tender at times. He is definitely a cuddler, and need that time to re-establish bonds with partners. Sora is a very sexual person, though his need for sex is not as purely physical as it once was. Sora's best assets in bed are his doe eyes, energy and possessiveness. He is a sucker for dirty talk, whispering, possession, mirrors, wearing lingerie, being walled. Sexual Permissions: Nothing that belongs in the bathroom, no extreme violence. Kinks are welcome. He's a kinky sort of guy.
Likes: Fighting, sparring, sleeping, swimming, cooking, eating, kung-fu movie marathons, very loud music, parties, doodling
Has Trouble With...: Not telling little white lies, Namine, math, alcohol, complex computer operations, saying 'no'

KHDR Permissions: In general, no surprise death, loss of limbs. Mindfuckery and some sexual violence allowed. Please PM me if you are unsure.


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